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Successful couples are often introduced to one another by people who know them – their friends, or work colleagues.  So let’s use the technology that connects our friends, to help connect our single friends.

Cuplin lets friends play matchmaker for their single friends by drawing potential matches from within 3-degrees of separation on Facebook to connect two single friends with an Opening Line.  Being introduced by a mutual friend means there is a better prospect of having things in common.  Happy them, clever you.

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Cuplin now fundraising on Seedrs

After 18 months of bootstrapped success, online-dating and matchmaking app Cuplin has begun its first round of fundraising on the exclusive seed-funding platform 

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Matthew Morgan, CEO

Digital inventor, occasional writer, speaker, data analyst, business strategist, online-dating expert and free-diver. Former ad-guy, political blogger and wikipedian.


Matthew Batten, CCO

Ideator, creative, innovator, writer, designer, artist, screenwriter, filmmaker, mixologist. Presenter, speaker and cultural hall monitor. Big thinker, leader, and doer at big ad agencies.


Adrian DeWitts, CTO

Coder, late-nighter, usually in need of coffee, principle architect and full-stack developer, keen cyclist.  Shy unless on Twitter… where he’s infamous @GoCuplin.